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Sharing our stories

These videos are a guide only and as each day progresses, views and experiences change.

We all need a base starting point for understanding.

Some of these films contain adult themes, including references to self–harm & suicide.

DISCLAIMER: PFLAG is not responsible for the thoughts and opinions of third-party contributions

LGBT+ 101:

An introduction to the Queer community
by Margalit Schindler

Since making this video, Margalit has come out as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns! A short informational video explaining some of the terms and identi…


TYLER (2019)
Award Winning LGBT Short Film

A coming out story like nothing you have seen before! Happy pride month! Let’s celebrate LOVE! Coming out shouldn’t be an event! TYLER (2019) – Written and d…


“Coming Out” is a LGBT Comedy Short Film: ‘When did you come out?

This is my first self-written, full production short film and I am so excited and nervous to share! “Coming Out” is a LGBT Comedy Short Film: ‘When did you c…

LGBT+ 101:

The history of PFLAG. #leadingwithlove

It all started with one mother’s letter to the editor and a march with her gay son in 1972. Since then, PFLAG has grown into a global movement of millions, creating a more just and affirming world for LGBTQ+ people and those who love them. …



Follows the story of High Schooler, Zoe, struggling to come out as a trans man. 

After knowing who they truly are for a while, Zoe finds themselves fatigued by their fear of whether others will accept them or not…


Bouncing Castles

Real stories from Western Sydney

Meet members of PFLAG Western Sydney and enter the extraordinary lives of a group of ‘ordinary’ people whose love for their gay, lesbian or transgender children introduced them to new beginnings, friendships and emotional Mardi Gras parades. 

Mico Family PFLAG interview – SBS

Follow one families journey. 

The awesome Mico Family was interviewed by SBS for the broadcast of the Mardi Gras parade. Another great example of a loving supportive family. Nathan, Sue, Les, and Carla

PFLAG celebrates 50th anniversary

The organization for families and friends of LGBTQ people has an ongoing history dedicated to love, support and activism, including one mom who helped her daughter take on book bans.



Animated short film about the life of a transgender artist learning to accept herself.

Produced for the 2018 Flick Film Festival, “W” is a 3-part animated short film about the life of a transgender artist learning to accept herself. Digital cop…