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By becoming a member you are helping PFLAG Sydney continue to do its great work supporting families and communities.

Have your input into the running of our chapter and help make a difference for future generations

PFLAG’s Mandate

PFLAGs mandate is to Keep Families Together by building on the relationships between parents and their children, and their families and friends. By becoming a member of PFLAG and becoming involved you can help so many families do just that.

Member Participation

Members are welcome to join us in our family meetings and assist each other and share our stories. It is in the sharing, that we find that we are not alone on our journey. All discussions by the members and/or guests are private and are regarded as confidential. No detail is to be shared outside of the family meetings.

Members are encouraged to use their skills and possibly take on a committee role within the organisation. At the end of each meeting you are welcome to join us  for a social tea/ coffee or other and light refrements. This allows us to mingle and meet other members and guests .

Membership Aims

Help us to achieve all of our aims. Membership helps support our activities in working with Government to ensure our gender-diverse communities are treated with respect and not discriminated against.

We work with various religious bodies to engender harmony and acceptance. We work with other agencies and have been a major part of the Marriage Equality Campaign and the school’s initiatives for gender diversity acceptance and counseling

More can be done and we need your help and guidance to maintain a high level of communication to achieve acceptance at all levels of our community, businesses, and schools.